The ultimate companion for lawyers going through the early stages of career change – available for sale here.

Dream of making partner at your firm? If so, then this isn’t for you. (Same thing applies if you adored every single second of law school.)

If, however, you were only going to do the lawyer thing until you figured out what you were really going to do with your life… then you’re in luck.

This is the ultimate companion for lawyers who want to escape their profession but are skeptical about career counsellors. It is based on years of experience helping hundreds of confused lawyers at Escape the City, a community of motivated corporate professionals who want to ‘do something different’ with their careers.

Easy to read, it has inspiring stories, frameworks from internationally leading career change experts, and immediately actionable tips and exercises to help you build a strategy for your transition.

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Hi, I’m Adele.

I write books for big-city millennials and market businesses that are changing things for good.

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Overcoming the Overachiever’s Quarter-Life Crisis (Huffington Post) – “What makes the quarter-life crisis of the overachiever different is the extent to which they deeply struggle with embracing their own individuality, particularly when it comes to separating themselves from their parents. Any twenty-something knows on a rational level that they are far too old to actually place too much weight on Mum and Dad’s opinion, yet this specific confusion is an emotional minefield that I have seen countless members struggle with.”

It’s Okay Not to Be Passionate About Your Day Job (Huffington Post) – “Our day jobs were never meant to be the singular, primary source of meaning in our lives. Where one finds meaning is a deeply personal and unique matrix. While a job can strengthen self-esteem or provide a sense of belonging to an industry or field, it was never meant to replace endorphins, the loyalty of close friends, intimacy, laughing until your stomach cramps, or the feeling of gazing into a starry night sky.”

Will I Ever Find My Passion? (Escape the City) – “When we become good at something, we tend to enjoy it more. When we enjoy something more, we tend to want to keep doing it. And so we practice, more often, and then get even better, and so on. When we learn to build well, the interesting opportunities follow.”

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